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Sedation Dentistry
Dr. Robert Nieman and his staff understand that not all patients have a pleasant association with dental visits. That is why Dr. Neiman has taken advanced coursework in sedation dentistry to provide a more pleasant, relaxed atmosphere for his patients. After a consultation with Dr. Nieman and his staff, they will determine the best route to mitigate your fears in the dental chair; this is achieved by one of the four sedation options below. To give you a better idea of what those alternatives are, we have provided an explanation of the types available for our patients.

Nitrous oxide - this is also known as "laughing gas." The patient is awake while using nitrous oxide, but they will experience a "floaty" feeling, and it takes the edge off of the patient's nervousness. The gas is odorless and tasteless, and the patient will be back to their normal state after the procedure is done. The patient does not require transportation to and from their appointment with nitrous oxide.

Oral sedation - this is a form of sedation that requires the patient to take a pill. These pills may sound familiar to you; Ativan and Valium are examples. These pills have a calming effect, and the patient may even fall asleep during the procedure. The patient may take one at bedtime to take the edge off, and he/she will also take one prior to their dental appointment. Because the patient will be in a drowsy state, they must have someone drive them to and from the appointment while under the influence of oral sedation.

IV conscious sedation - this procedure involves administering a sedative through an IV. The effects occur quickly, and the patient will be drowsy, may fall asleep, but will be conscious during the procedure. The patient may respond to verbal cues, but will not remember the procedure. The patient's blood pressure and breathing will be monitored, and someone will be attending the patient at all times. Dr. Nieman has taken specialized courses in IV conscious sedation, and is happy to provide this service in his office for patients who don't feel nitrous oxide or oral sedation would be an option. As with oral sedation, the patient will require someone to provide transportation for them for the procedure.

General anesthesia - dental procedures are done in a hospital setting with an anesthesiologist providing the sedation in the form of general anesthesia. Dr. Nieman not only teaches at the University of Washington for medically compromised patients, but he has privileges at the University Hospital, and is one of the few dentists that can extend this privilege to his patients. General anesthesia is also a good option for pediatric patients who have special needs or when other sedative measures weren't ideal for the patient.

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